MedPort International

“Hey, Can you find someone to assist me during my treatment in India?”

It all started when my colleague in US asked our help during his travel to India for knee replacement surgery. We helped him right from obtaining his visa, travel arrangements, accommodation, in-country transportation and so on. He even had a relaxing house boating trip before he returned to his home country. And that was the beginning of MedPort International.

MedPort International is formed with the intention of helping millions of health-traveler around the globe to have affordable, high-quality medical care in India. We are a customer focused organization with a mission to provide the best ever medical treatment experience for our customers.

Why Treat in India?


According to ‘Patients Beyond Border’, India is the world’s value leader for the international medical traveller. The treatment cost in India is approximately one-tenth of the price of the same treatment in US or UK. You can avail the best medical treatment in India and save around 85% of your total medical cost.

Apart from that, we have the world’s finest physicians who are well trained and experienced to handle any challenging cases. India’s high-class hospitals with state of the art facilities provide the best medical care for the patients.

In addition, India is the global hub of Ayurveda, which provides compassionate and holistic medical treatment with 100% natural medicines. Patients all around the world travel to India to avail Ayurveda treatments.