MedPort International

“Hey, Can you find someone to assist me during my treatment in India?”

It all started when my colleague in US asked our help during his travel to India for knee replacement surgery. We helped him right from obtaining his visa, travel arrangements, accommodation, in-country transportation and so on. He even had a relaxing house boating trip before he returned to his home country. And that was the beginning of MedPort International.

MedPort International is formed with the intention of helping millions of health-traveler around the globe to have affordable, high-quality medical care in India. We are a customer focused organization with a mission to provide the best ever medical treatment experience for our customers.

We are a Happy Company


We are happy with what we have done. Guess why?

Over these years a good number of travelers returned back home healthy with a smile on their faces. They saved a good amount of money without giving up the quality of care and safety. We made sure that they were 100% happy with their time in India. After all, customer satisfaction comes prior to anything for us. That’s the biggest happiness we could get.

You needn’t worry about a thing, just pack your bags and be ready to travel. Leave the rest to us!

We handle everything from cost-effective surgeries to traditional ayurvedic treatment. We pay heed to the patient’s needs and preferences to help in a smooth and satisfying experience with us.

We are Your Friend in India


Just like our tagline says, we are truly your good friend in India. You would probably be alert about firms lured about profit. Just about forget that with us. We treat each and every customer just like we treat our friend. We put your convenience and preference above everything.

We are just happy to help out!

We can find treatment, accommodation, and travel according to the patient’s budget. Trust us, we value your money and won’t let it go waste.

Our Dream


“We have a dream. A dream that one day everybody on this planet will have access to high-quality medical care at an affordable rate.”

How We Changed the Lives of People


We had a good number of customers over these years from around the globe. Patients from different social setup and financial conditions have been with us for treatment. We are proud we could keep all of them happy with their treatment and hospitality.

Case study 1:

A few years back a middle-aged patient came to us for kidney transplantation from UAE. The doctors over there told him that transplantation is the only option. He came to us for finding a good hospital at an affordable rate. We took him to one of the best hospitals in Calicut. But what happened next was the surprise. The doctor told that if the patient follows a strict diet and continue the medication, there is no need for kidney transplantation for the next 15 years. The patient thought about it and agreed. It’s been a few years now and he’s still living healthy without surgery.

He is very happy and had referred many patients to us. He even came to Kerala for a vacation and he seemed really healthy and happy.

Case Study 2:

A patient from Bangladesh wanted to get his knee replaced. He was having a bit backward financial condition hindering him from getting good healthcare services. He went through a lot of hardships to raise money to come to India.

We understood his situation and we decided to get the most affordable care without compromising quality. We took him to the best hospital in Kochi known for its very successful knee surgeries.

He saved at least 30% of his money and was very happy about it. He still keeps contact with us and he is walking with total ease now.

Case Study 3:

A patient from Australia wanted to come over for an ayurvedic treatment but he was really concerned about his safety. He doubted whether he would be cheated or attacked. We told him not to worry and explained everything. After a long conversation, we were able to convince him that it is safe to come. We also put our words into practice like with every other case.

We took care of everything from picking them up from the airport to dropping them back at the airport after the treatment and everything in between. In fact, they were under our safe supervision throughout their stay in India.  They were happy with our hospitality and even told India is one of the safest countries to travel to.