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Effect of Cancer Treatment on Fertility – Risks & Solutions

Pregnancy is a very natural process. A lot of favorable conditions have to be met in both the male and the female partners for the natural happening of a pregnancy. Any kind of external disturbances like drugs or medication can sometimes interfere with the reproductive cycle. This may cause temporary or permanent infertility. Cancer treatments […]

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Pacemaker Implantation Surgery Cost in India – Procedure, Best Hospitals, and Doctors

What is the cost of pacemaker implantation surgery in India? The estimated cost of Pacemaker implantation surgery in India is around 2,500 – 4,500 USD for Single Chamber Pacemaker implantation and 4,000 – 7,000 USD for Dual Chamber Pacemaker implantation. If you are a foreigner, planning for pacemaker implantation surgery in India, having information about the […]

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Best Apps to find affordable Hotels in India

If you are planning a trip, whatever may be the purpose, finding a comfortable and convenient accommodation at a reasonable cost comes in the priority list. The hotel or resort you stay in has a big role in building the overall mood and satisfaction of your journey. There are lots of apps for planning trips, […]

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Classification of Indian Cities

How are Indian cities classified? Indian cities are classified as X (Tier 1), Y (Tier 2), and Z (Tier 3) categories by the Government of India, based on the population density of the city. In highly populated cities, people will have to pay more money to get goods and services. That is, the living expense […]

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How IVF-PGD Can Help Prevent Genetic Disorders in Your Child

Having a healthy child is every parent’s dream. People having a history of a genetic disorder or any kind of inheritable disease in their family have a higher chance of having that condition passed on to their child. They may be even afraid to get married or have children. Once a patient from an African […]

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Delhi Pollution Reaches Hazardous Levels: Medical Tourists be alert!

The air pollution levels have reached dangerously high as ever across much of north India. The country capital is currently facing a public health crisis due to increased air pollution levels. As per the data gathered from state pollution control boards, the southern parts of the country has most of the places complying with the […]