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Delhi Pollution Reaches Hazardous Levels: Medical Tourists be alert!

The air pollution levels have reached dangerously high as ever across much of north India. The country capital is currently facing a public health crisis due to increased air pollution levels. As per the data gathered from state pollution control boards, the southern parts of the country has most of the places complying with the […]

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Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in India – Process and Best Doctors & Hospitals

What is the cost of Hip Replacement Surgery in India? The cost of Single Hip Replacement Surgery in India is around USD 3000-4000. The cost of Bilateral Hip Replacement Surgery in India is about USD 5500-7200. The variation is due to the Choice of the hospital Choice of city Choice of implant Choice of Hospital […]

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How foreigners can get a sim card in India?

Traveling to India ?  For taking some medical treatment or taking a vacation? Well, getting a sim card in India would be the biggest nightmare. It used to be a herculean task which is a bit simplified now.  Whatever it may be, you probably need a sim card in India to stay connected. From using […]

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India grants E-visa for Saudi Nationals

Finally, it has become much easier to apply for Indian visa for Saudi Nationals. Saudi Arabia is the latest country to be added to the eligible nationalities for Indian E-Visa. With effect from 17th June 2019, Saudi nationals can apply for Indian visa from the comfort of their home and receive it by email. What […]

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Two and a half reasons why people travel to India for treatment!

As per Govt. of India report, around half a million people travel to India yearly to avail their medical treatment. And most importantly, the number is growing every year. What are the reasons that drive people to travel to India for treatment? As a part of my research, I browsed through many articles on the […]