How to Send Medical Reports Online to Doctors? – 7 Points to Note

Posted on October 22nd, 2019 by Ganesh Gopakumar


We all have the habit of asking experienced doctors their opinion by sending them the medical reports. The doctor may be in another city or maybe he’s too busy to get an appointment. The medical reports could be anything from X-ray reports, discharge summary, examination report, MRI report, CT report, lab report, etc.

But most of us don’t know how to send these reports to a doctor properly. And it could get you into trouble or maybe delay your diagnosis.

I’ll tell you a story that happened to me when my friend sends an MRI report to me in the wrong way.

My friend back in my hometown had a shoulder trauma and happened to do an MRI examination. He then sends the reports and images to me over WhatsApp. As you can see attached below, it was of decent quality and I could read it easily after zooming in a bit.

He had sent me the report to show a very experienced doctor who worked in the hospital I was working too.

The next day I went to the hospital for work and I saw the doctor in the cabin. I went to him and explained the situation. He was very busy with patients and still agreed to examine the report. I showed him the report on the phone but he was annoyed and angry. He said it was not clear. I zoomed in and showed him the report but now the report was disorganized. The pages of the report were shuffled and now the doctor got even more annoyed. He asked to go as he had to examine the patients.

 I learned something that day.

Always send medical reports with proper quality, order and clarity.

But how do you do it? That’s what we will look into in this article. 

What was wrong with the report my friend sent me?

  1. The image was not clear enough. Zooming in was required to read the report and seeing proper details in the MRI image.
  2. The report was not in proper order. The report was shuffled when he sends it to me and that made it difficult to read the report easily. 
  3. The file quality also reduced as he sent it to me over WhatsApp.
    Check out how the CamScanner works scanner

Medical reports are of 2 types:

  • Text documents like reports, discharge summary etc

  • Large-sized files like radiographic images

7 Points to Note while Sending Medical Reports

  1. Use a scanning app instead of the camera app

    Usually, when you send something to your friend, you just click a picture and send. But medical records and images have fine details which should be done more carefully. One should always scan the records before sending.
    Yeah, I know it’s difficult to get the report scanned but you can use the scanning apps available in playstore /AppStore.
    There are numerous scanning apps available in the stores but it’s better to go for CamScanner which I personally love. I didn’t have a second thought after using this application. It preserves every bit of detail of the image and clarity, and looks exactly like a scanned image.
    To make it easier for you guys, I’ve attached a link for downloading the app for both android and iOS users.

    The CamScanner is pretty much a simple and user-friendly app. You just need to take pictures of the reports you need to scan carefully and it’s obtained pretty much like a scanned image.
    If you’re still finding it difficult to use the CamScanner we have attached a youtube tutorial on the same below. The following youtube tutorial shows you how to scan images, edit them to perfection and to share them.

  1. Always scan in correct order

    Always scan the reports in the correct order from page 1 to page last as it makes it easier for the doctor and yourself. Scanned medical reports in the right order as in the printed ones help in easy diagnosis and also when looking back up later.
    Always make sure that the staples and other things are removed for getting the best quality scanned images that are required.

  2. Arrange reports together for one term of hospital visit.

    Always make sure that you club together the reports of a year together and the next year separately. For example, save the reports from 2017 and 2018 in separate files so helps the doctor to easily browse through the reports.

  3. Scan important reports first

    Medical reports can be a whole lot of things, from radiographic reports to discharge summary to the examination report, consultation report, Operative report, etc.
    While sending the report to a doctor always make sure that you send the most important reports first.For instance, if you’re having trauma or pain post-surgery, then the operative report must be the first priority followed by the radiological report ( MRI, CT, X-ray)
    Here is a sample of my preferred order.

    1. Discharge summary
    2. Operative report
    3. Radiographic report
    4. Examination report
    5. Consultation report
    6. Lab reports
  4. Store records on newest first basis

    For a person with a medical record for many years, it is better to store the latest reports first followed by the older ones. For the diagnosis always the newest reports are always more important.
    For instance, if you have a disorder, say hypothyroidism, the condition would be present for a long time. Make sure you save the latest lab test reports and other medical reports first followed by the older ones.
    This would make it easier and more convenient for the new doctor to examine and diagnose the condition better.

  5. Save with proper file name

    The file name should be in such that it is easier to identify.
    Try this file name format

  6. Always send the reports as PDF rather than JPG

    In this modern era, we use mostly use WhatsApp for anything and everything. Medical reports are not an exception.  Be sure to send your reports as pdf files. PDF files can combine multiple reports into a single file while maintaining good quality and much easier to read.
    If you can’t get yourself a PDF file, you can send the file via WhatsApp. But make sure the image quality doesn’t get affected. When sending an image via whatsapp the image quality deteriorates largely. To avoid this we can send the report as a document in WhatsApp.
    This is a simple procedure most of us would be aware of. But still, I have given below the steps to send a document in WhatsApp for those who don’t know.

    1. Open WhatsApp
    2. Tap the add attachment option
    3. Tap on documents (on the left side)
    4. Select the report to be shared
    5. Tap send


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How to send radiographic images online via WeTransfer?

Radiographic images such as x-ray images, CT, MRI images are usually available as CD nowadays. In case, you have only images with you you can follow the steps mentioned above. The peculiarity of these is they are of large size and also requires really good quality because even the minute details are required for diagnosis. To send this, there is a website that helps you send a large number of files, up to 2GB effortlessly, called WeTransfer.

How to send radiological images (X-Ray, MRI etc) via WeTransfer?

Most of the radiological C.D works with the Windows OS. So this is a tutorial for Windows.

  1. Insert the C.D into your Windows

    When you insert your C.D, the files show up in the PC. The radiographic CD looks rather different from the normal one when it opens up.

  2. Go to the website of WeTransfer

    Click ‘Take me to Free’ from the WeTransfer website


  3. Select the files/folder you want to send

    Click on select a folder -> Open the CD drive -> Click upload


  4. Enter the email IDs of the sender and receiver

    Enter your email ID and the email ID of the person you’re sending it to in the provided box as shown below.

  5. Hit Send

    Once the documents are uploaded, the other person receives an email with a link to download the files.


Since you might be new to this you can check out the youtube tutorial to have a better idea on how to do it.


How do medical records get transferred between doctors you visit?

It automatically gets transferred if the doctors are in the same healthcare provider. If you’re seeing a doctor outside the hospital you would need to manually collect the medical records from the hospital records department.

How do you get the original medical records when you stop seeing a doctor?

Getting your medical records from your service provider is not only a good thing but also your right. It contains many important details about your health which could necessary in the future. You should contact the medical records departments of the hospital and go through the procedure to get your records.