Ganga Hospital

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Ganga Hospital

Ganga Hospital is one among the few hospitals that have specialized into a specific domain of health and wellness. They have been focusing on orthopaedic treatments and their efforts are well recognized by patients from India and abroad.
Ganga hospital has been selected to the International Society of Orthopaedic Centres (ISOC) and is the first hospital to be selected from south Asia. They have been accredited by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH). These recognitions were the result of the quality and cutting edge treatment facility provided to its customers in an affordable package.
Ganga hospital is providing exclusive care for orthopaedics by having 520 bedded advance care unit which includes plastic surgery. Each of its subspeciality is handled by expert doctors and well dedicated talented support staff.

Major Specialities

Trauma Care Center

Ganga Hospital offers a dedicated tertiary level trauma care centre in the region. It has developed the highest quality of consultancy for post-traumatic disorders and mental health recovery. The quality of trauma care and recovery in medication is maintained by conducting high level three internal audits per week.

Trauma care centre hosts 11 dedicated operating theatres with an inhouse 24×7 trauma surgeons and anaesthesia team. All traumatic conditions such as upper limb fractures, lower limb fractures, shoulder fractures, humerus fractures, knee replacements, joint replacement, arm fractures, dislocations and so on are taken care at Ganga Hospital.


Spine Surgery

The spine care centre of Ganga Hospital is one of the best tertiary spine disease centres in the region. The medical expert team includes 6 consultants who are fellows Spine Fellows from the National Board of Examinations. The unit focus on the spine research and continuous improvement of their methodology and approach.

The unit has been awarded by national and international organizations such as ISSLS award (European spine journal), European open paper award, Sofamer Danek award and Medical council of India award. The unit has published more than 100 journals in spine surgery and chapter contributions in international textbooks.

Arthroplasty Center

The unit host state of the art joint replacement facility with a medical team that includes research fellows. The ultraclean operating rooms and clinic which is coupled with strict aseptic techniques and highly trained professionals allow achievement of good results of international standards. The primary and revision surgeries are performed using computer navigation techniques for perfect alignment.

Morethan 1000 joint replacement surgeries are performed every year from children to the elderly. Major areas covered are hip and knee replacements, bone bank joint reconstruction, metal hip replacements, patient-specific instrumentation.

Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine

The arthroscopy and sports unit of Ganga Hospital are efficient in performing several complex surgeries of knee, shoulder, hip, ankle, wrist and elbow joint. The unit at Ganga hospital promotes education and research in the area and is one of the two centres in India to have an FNB (National Board of examinations) course in sports medicine.

The service provided here is using internationally branded implants at an affordable cost to its patients. All the procedures are performed based on clinical evidence and examinations. All areas of arthroscopy such as the knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow and hip are taken care with individual study and discussions.



Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

The department of plastic and reconstructive surgery at Ganga Hospital treat patients from Indian and abroad. They have received more than 1900 surgeons and trainees to participate and study the facility for its advancement in plastic, hand and reconstructive, maxillofacial surgery and burns.

The department handles microsurgery and replantation, brachial plexus injury (velocity injury), congenital hand differences, spastic limb, other hand problems, facio maxillary surgery, cleft lip and palette, skin bank, aesthetic surgery, breast reconstruction, cancer reconstruction, and so on. The department is introduced in 1991 and revolutionized trauma care and continues to be the leader in trauma reconstructive surgery with the maximum number of procedures done in the country.

Our Specialties

    • Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
    • Specialized Orthopaedic treatment
    • Arthroscopy and arthroplasty Care
    • Specialized spine treatment
    • Affordable treatment plan
    • International patient Care
    • Ganga Insurance plan
    • Near to International Airport


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What is Special in Ganga . . . !

Orthopaedic Experts

Ganga Hospital has invested its resources to increase and enhance its capability to solve all areas orthopaedic troubles. It provides domain experts with long experience to their patients in their world-class facility. The cases that are examined at Ganga Hospital are mostly from tertiary references that are complex and unique in nature.

Visiting Expert Doctors

All cases at Ganga Hospital are clinically studied and debated among experts before starting the surgical and clinical procedures. These discussions are taken up with other domain experts in and around the world and their presence is obtained in necessary situations manly USA and Germany for study and resolution.

Paediatric Orthopaedics

In comparison to adult orthopaedics, the children's cases are attended differently in Ganga hospital in their Paediatric orthopaedics unit. All the musculoskeletal disorders of children are different from that of an adult and are taken care of by its own domain experts. All problems including birth defects are attended and taken care here.

Hope after Fire

Burns is a major problem in developing countries. Hope after the fire is a project started by team at Ganga Hospital to research and advance in burns treatment and reconstructive surgery. It is taken up as a social initiative and skill enhancement initiative. Ganga hospital developed an expert team only for burn injuries that serve domestic and international patients.

Cancer Reconstruction

Every cancer treatment involves the removal of tissues and thereby leaving deformations n the body. The cancer reconstruction techniques at Ganga Hospital mainly aimed at solving these issues through Plastic & Reconstructive Microsurgery, Maxillofacial Surgery and Speech pathology. The harvest from other areas of the body along with their blood vessels is done for reconstruction.

Reconstruction Experts

Other than cancer reconstruction, Ganga Hospital takes care of breast reconstruction, lip reconstruction and plastic surgery for cleft lip and palate, aesthetic surgery etc. The treatment is used by patients from India and abroad. They have been awarded as the " Nation Building through reconstructive surgery" by All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

Our Doctors