Will my insurance company cover overseas treatment cost?

Posted on May 5th, 2018 by MedPort


We often receive calls from international patient enquiring about whether their insurance companies cover the medical expenses if they opt for treatment in India. We have contacted many insurance companies across the globe, and most are covering overseas medical expenses. Some insurance companies may even cover the flight tickets too! By that time you read this, the list of insurance companies offering overseas medical coverage will have already grown longer.

Why people with insurance coverage opt for overseas treatment in countries like India?

  1. Under- covered: The cost of some complex and expensive treatment may exceed the total limit of insurance coverage amount. India, offering high quality treatment at much lower cost is the favorite medical destination for such group of people.
  2. Long Waiting Period: People who have to undergo urgent surgeries such as kidney transplantation may have to wait for a much longer period in their home country.
  3. Alternative Medicine: Some patients may prefer alternative medicine such as Ayurveda for certain treatments. These treatments may not be available in their home country. So they head up to India for Ayurvedic treatment.

How will I know if my insurance company covers my treatment in India?

The best and easiest way is to call your insurer directly. You can find their toll free number on your insurance card itself. Tell them your details, your diagnosis and your plan to go abroad for treatment. You may also need to specify the country of your choice. They will help you with the exact procedure for the same.

Some general rules:

Even though the coverage conditions, amount etc may vary according to your insurance company and plan, these are some general rules of thumb:

  1. Treatments (like cosmetic surgeries )which are not covered in-country will not be covered abroad also.
  2. Most insurance companies cover overseas in-patient treatments only.
  3. Direct billing option may not be possible. You have to pay and claim.
  4. Some insurers cover alternative medicine such as Ayurveda or Homeopathy too. But the total coverage limit will be less.

What Medport can do for you:

We have successfully served many international patients across the globe with an insurance coverage. They were able to claim their medical expenses from their insurers.

  1. Medport can co-ordinate with your insurance company and understand the requirement as well as terms & conditions for the insurance approval.
  2. Medport will ensure that the hospital in India provides you all the medical records required to reimburse the medical expenses.
  3. We will be always there to help you to claim your insurance amount, even after you are back to your home country.

If you have further queries or still not sure whether your insurer can cover the expenses for treatment in India, feel free to contact us. We are sure that we can help you.